Aquamarine and blue topaz look similar. How do ordinary people distinguish them?

     If you spend the thousands of dollars you paid for the Aquamarine, only to be fooled and buy a blue topaz worth only a few hundred dollars, will you lose a lot?

Take it easy. Here are a few tips to help you identify.

First, look at the color.

Most of the Aquamarine is light blue, but you can certainly see some green, and its blue is more restrained, not so enchanting.

Even if the THREE WHITE, that is, Santa Maria Aquamarine, will not be the kind of dazzling tile blue, but the kind of profound blue.

The blue Topaz is simply a different lightness of blue, and blue is very attractive, high saturation.

blue topaz

Second, look at the inclusions.

Aquamarine is rarely completely clean inside, so you can at least see some inclusions under a magnifying glass.

But the blue topaz is almost always big and flawless.


Third, look at the feel.

Blue topaz is much denser than Aquamarine. Two of the same size. You bump on your hand. The one that obviously presses your hand is definitely the blue topaz.

Of course, we can also use some small instruments to distinguish, such as ccf refraction , polarized light and so on.

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April 30, 2022

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